During mass production a machine will require the same amount of input as output created with the exception of waste.

Percentage Complete Output Rate Per Action
1-10% 1
11-20% 2
21-30% 3
31-40% 4
41-50% 5
51-60% 6
61-70% 7
71-80% 8
81-90% 9
91-100% 10

Type Minimum Technological Era Ability
Machine Primitive Manufactures tools and any machine type. Also enables refitting.
Machine-(a thru z) Ancient Manufactures goods.
Machine-aerial Modern Manufactures aircraft, rockets and saucers.
Machine-armaments Primitive Manufactures automatics, guns, lasers, revolvers, semiautomatics and weapons.
Machine-buildings Ancient Constructs buildings, camps and centres.
Machine-drilling Ancient Enables drilling.
Machine-farming Ancient Enables farming.
Machine-firefighting Industrial Enables firefighting.
Machine-fishing Ancient Enables fishing.
Machine-foraging Ancient Enables foraging.
Machine-ground Industrial Manufactures armors, atvs, bikes, cars, equipment, trains, trucks and wagons.
Machine-logging Ancient Enables logging.
Machine-medical Ancient Enables healing.
Machine-mining Ancient Enables mining.
Machine-nautical Ancient Manufactures boats, carriers, rafts, ships, submarines and vessels.
Machine-rails Ancient Constructs railroads.
Machine-recycling Ancient Enables recycling.
Machine-refining Ancient Enables refining.
Machine-roads Ancient Constructs roads.
Machine-technical Ancient Enables researching.
Machine-utilities Ancient Constructs utilities.