Restores one level of health to patient. Mint characters cannot be healed.

Base busy seconds: 100 for medic at hospital. 1000 for medic at camp. 100 * number of characters in family group for patient.
Danger: Normal for patient at camp. Slight for patient at hospital. Slight for medic.
Required pieces: Camp or hospital. Machine-healthcare or tool constructed at 1-100% for medic if healing ill character, machine-healthcare constructed at 26-100% if healing injured character, machine-healthcare constructed at 51-100% if healing disabled character or machine-healthcare constructed at 76-100% if healing dying character. Same number of products as number of characters in patient's family group.
Required skill: Healthcare.
Required appearance: Medic.
Pollution created: Same as number of products used.
Waste created: Same as number of products used.