A group's total number of advancements in relation to the average number of advancements of all groups determines their era. Advancements represent technological and educational level. Each group starts with 1 advancement when they are created. When a new piece is created its era is determined by the era of the outfitted group that created it.

Era Era Abbreviation Percentage Range of Global Average Advancements For Group To Be In Era Maximum Completion of Piece Created By Group of Era Active Skills Per Character For Family Group In Era
Futuristic FS 1000% and higher 100% 7
Contemporary CY 667% thru 999% 90% 6
Modern MO 334% thru 666% 75% 5
Industrial IR 1% thru 333% 55% 4
Exploratory EX Average thru -33% 35% 3
Ancient AI -34% thru -66% 20% 2
Primitive PV -67% and lower 10% 1