Characters are the main piece in the game, almost every action is done through them. A new family group will start off with 9 characters with 7 random skills.

Minimum era: n/a
Maximum capacity: 100
Space required: 100
100% completion: n/a


Children cannot perform skilled labor.

Minimum era: n/a
Maximum capacity: 50
Space required: 100
100% completion: n/a


Gravidas are pregnant females.

Minimum era: n/a
Maximum capacity: 50
Space required: 100
100% completion: n/a

Skill Description
Academic Enables studying and teaching.
Construction Enables construct action.
Documenting Enables character to perform clerical work.
Driving Enables character to operate armors, atvs, bikes, cars, equipment and trucks.
Engineering Enables character to operate trains.
Equestrianism Enables character to tame animals and operate horses.
Fighting Increases combat ability without the use of guns, automatics and lasers.
Firearms Increases ability to use guns, automatics and lasers.
Firefighting Enables ability to extinguish fires.
Fishing Enables fish action on oceans, seas and shoals.
Healthcare Enables birthing and healing at hospitals.
Husbandry Enables farming on deserts, plains, meadows and steppes. Also enables breeding of animals at barns.
Logging Enables lumberjack action on bosks, forests, jungles and swamps.
Manufacturing Enables manufacture, recycle and refine actions.
Mining Enables mining action on deserts, lodes and steppes.
Piloting Enables character to operate aircraft, rockets satellites and saucers.
Prospecting Enables character to discover commodities.
Science Enables the research and reverse engineer actions.
Seafaring Enables character to operate boats, carriers, rafts, ships, submarines and vessels.
Wildlife Enables foraging on bosks, forests, jungles, lodes, marshes and swamps. Also enables planting.

Characters can have their appearance changed by choice or circumstance. To change a character's appearance on the map screen click CHARACTER & APPEARANCE.

Characters that have surrendered or been arrested have this appearance. This appearance can be removed on the map screen by clicking on CHARACTER & ESCAPE. This creates 10,000 base busy seconds. If using this command inside a prison it creates 100,000 base busy seconds.


Often used for protestors or those who are unhappy about a social or economic situation.

Enables character with active firefighting skill to extinguish fires.

Enables character to arrest characters within their jurisdiction, or arrest outlaws on any lot.

Enables character with applicable skills to perform blue collar work.

Enables character with active healthcare skill to perform respective actions.


Enables character to attack or arrest any other type of character. Switching appearance from outlaw creates 10,000 base busy seconds.

Enables character with active documenting skill to perform white collar work.

Disables other groups from claiming sovereignty of character's outfitted group within a range of 10 lots.

Often used for businessmen, diplomats and politicians. Also used to express formality, contentness or luxury.


Often used for refugees or casualties of natural disasters.

Enables character to attack other characters with warrior or outlaw appearance. Switching appearance from warrior creates 1,000 base busy seconds unless switching to outlaw.