All buildings except camps require 10,000 products for completion, camps only require 1,000. A building that has been partially constructed but is at 0% completion will be placed upside down. The group that owns a building is always the same as the group that owns the lot that the building is on. Sovereignty of a lot that a building is on can be claimed on the map screen by clicking LOT & BUILDING. When a group is deleted all of their buildings remain with the exception of camps. Capacity of a lot with a building depends on the completion percentage, with the maximum capacity being 100,000 (50,000 for camps).

(minimum era: modern)

Aerodromes reduce risk of accident for aircraft on ascension and descion, and allow rockets to ascend. Aerodrome range is determined by completion percentage, each 10 percentage points change the range by 1. An aircraft or rocket can utilize any aerodrome of their group or an aerodrome of a group who has set permissions for their group.

(minimum era: ancient)
Shares, currency and bonds can be traded at banks.

(minimum era: primitive)
Animals and horses can be bred to create new animals at barns on the map screen by clicking LOT & BUILDING & BARN & BREED.

(minimum era: primitive)
Camps reduce the time required for recycling, refining and manufacturing. Resting and reproduction are enabled at camps. Each new family group begins with 1 camp on their starting lot.

(minimum era: ancient)
Facilities are able to collect waste from lots with utilities, they also enable construction of buildings and centres within visible range.

(minimum era: ancient)
Factories reduce the time required for recycling, refining and manufacturing.

(minimum era: ancient)
Damage from combat and accidents are minimized by this building.

(minimum era: ancient)
Healing is more effective at hospitals, birthing is safter at hospitals, and characters are able to rest here.

(minimum era: primitive)
Housing enables reproduction and offers the quickest resting time.

(minimum era: ancient)
Laboratories reduce the amount of time to research and reverse engineer.

(minimum era: primitive)
Marts allow the owner to buy and sell many other pieces.

(minimum era: ancient)
Accounts receivable and payable can be collected and paid here.

(minimum era: primitive)
Prisons greatly increase the base busy seconds created for surrendered characters to escape.

(minimum era: ancient)
Technological advancements can be taught and learned here by characters with the academic skill active.

(minimum era: industrial)

Goods can be advertised here. Each station has a broadcasting range that depends on percentage completed. Each percentage point changes the range by 1.

(minimum era: primitive)
Stores have 3 times more capacity than other buildings.