Warriors are able to attack other warriors and outlaws. Outlaws may attack anyone unless there are warriors or guards on the lot, in this case they must deal with warriors and then guards first. If there are no characters on the lot both warriors and outlaws may attack other pieces. However, warriors may not attack hospitals.

Base busy seconds: 50 if from futuristic family group. 100 if from contemporary family group. 200 if from modern family group. 350 if from industrial family group. 550 if from exploratory family group. 800 if from ancient family group. 1100 if from primitive family group.
Danger: n/a
Required pieces: n/a
Required skill: n/a
Required appearance: Outlaw or warrior.
Pollution created: 1 for every 10 waste created from combat.
Waste created: 1 for every damage done.